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I was fortunate enough to be born and raised at the foot of those two mountain peaks called the big and little Mythen. My home town Schwyz is nestled in a bowl in central Switzerland surrounded by mountains and lakes. Every morning, weather permitting, I experienced the beauty of the peaks, through four seasons with long days in summer and very short ones in winter.

As the youngest of five children, I quickly learned what was acceptable to my parents and the inhabitants of the small town. Usually any misdeeds were known to my parents before I arrived home. I grew up before the computer age. Smart phones and tablets were only in the mind of Sci-Fi writers. Even TV’s were not to be found in many households. But the kindness of neighbors who gathered the children in their home for a viewing of Lassie or Fury was a treat in my young days. The local parish offered a library filled with books. For many years, I was the first one to be handed over a new book, with the librarian’s comment to give a report on the value of the book. If I wasn’t going to school or playing with the neighborhood children throughout our town, I was at home devouring the latest book fresh from the press. I loved to read about other cultures, other countries but my favorites were fairy tales and local folklore. Switzerland at large and Schwyz in specific was rich in history and stories. Though I kept diaries, to be a writer was a far off dream.

As a young adult, travel lust and wanting firsthand experience of the different cultures I’ve read about, brought me to Israel and ultimately to America. I settled in California, married and had two children. It was a busy turbulent time and when after 25 years my marriage failed, I seriously began to write. The results were short stories, essays and poems, some of them featured in anthologies and recognized in writing competitions. The more I wrote, the more I was fascinated by creating characters and having the power to shape their lives.

I love nature overall. Often I’m intrigued with simple things, like a flower or a tree, a sunset or a hike through untainted wilderness. Even close to metropolitan areas one can find treasures of natural beauty. On horseback with my black Percheron Thoroughbred mare Xena or with my white shadow Sentry, a Hungarian Kuvasz, I explore my surrounding and cherish what nature has to offer. It was an adventure to Joshua Tree National Park that enticed me to write the illustrated children book The Sad Tree and Pronuba.

Living close to a local park in Ventura which is a winter destination for western Monarch butterflies, offered inspiration for my latest book, The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly.

I reside in Ventura, California with my partner and enjoy the temperate climate of the Pacific and the beauty of a coastal town.